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Saturday, December 04, 2021

Q Unmasked

[These notes were drafted April 2021 but not cleaned up and posted because my interest in Q waned as QAnons largely stopped claiming Trump is still really president. Publishing now in Dec 2021 to summarize the available Q evidence. Nothing here is original/novel, but I haven't before seen this info collected in one place.]


The original anonymous 4chan Q LARP was hijacked by Coleman Rogers and Paul Furber, who were joined by -- and later expelled by -- Ron Watkins and his father Jim (pictured above).
  • 2017-10 Q begins as one of many anonymous 4chan LARPs (FBIAnon, HLIAnon, CIAAnon, CIA Intern, WH Insider Anon), probably as confessed by users Microchip and Dreamcatcher.
  • 2017-11 Q identity is assumed by Coleman Rogers (PamphletAnon), working with Paul Furber (BaruchtheScribe), Rogers' wife Christina Urso (Radix) and perhaps Tracy Diaz (TracyBeanz) and Jerome Corsi. Ron Watkins (CodeMonkeyZ) soon joins the team.
  • 2018-01 Q moves from 4chan to 8chan, controlled by Ron Watkins and his father Jim. Furber is expelled from Q, and claims Q is now an imposter.
  • 2018-08 Rogers is expelled from Q, leaving the Watkins in control.


  • 2017-10-05 Trump: "Maybe it's the calm before the storm."
  • 2017-10-28 #1 "HRC extradition already in motion"
  • 2017-11 Rogers+Furber+Diaz create /r/CBTS_Stream
  • 2017-11-09 #128 Q begins using Matlock tripcode
  • 2017-11-25 Rogers+Furber+Diaz "gain control" of Q
  • 2017-12-01c Q 1st post on 8chan CBTS
  • 2017-12 Q changes tripcode to M@tlock!
  • 2017-12 Jerome Corsi, Infowars
  • 2018-01 Q moves from 4chan to 8chan with same tripcode
  • 2018-01-05 Furber says original Q tripcode is compromised [e1 49m], Rogers disagrees
  • 2018-01 Mon Furber removes both of Q's tripcodes
  • 2018-01-09 Q joins Rogers' 8chan /thestorm #515 e153m
  • 2018-03 /r/CBTS_Stream removed from reddit
  • 2018-04 Corsi says imposter takes over Q
  • 2018-04-08 #1082 JFKjr
  • 2018-04 Rogers creates Patriots' Soapbox
  • 2018-05-19 Q accidentally leaks too-long tripcode NowC@mesTHEP@in--23!!!
  • 2018-06-15 Rogers "finds" anonymous Q post unsigned by tripcode
  • 2018-07 /r/greatawakening removed from reddit
  • 2018-09-18 #2224 /CM pls confirm #2226 Q knows # of IPs!
  • 2018-12-12 Q says JFKjr not alive
  • 2019-08 8chan goes offline
  • 2019-11 8kun replaces 8chan
  • 2020-02 Jim Watkins registers "Disarm the Deep State" PAC
  • 2020-02-17 #3872 "Game Over" the day Fred Brennan flees Watkins-triggered prosecution in Philippines
  • 2020-06-06 #4437 Q posts Python code
  • 2020-07 Twitter bans 7K QAnon accounts
  • 2020-12-08 last Q drop

Q Fails

  • 2017-10-31 #15 The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another SATANic Evil POS control our country.
  • 2020-06-04 #4414 Central communications blackout [never happened]
  • 2020-06-11 #4455 What happens when Ds can no longer CHEAT ELECTRONICALLY? Push vote-by-mail? [Oops, Q ignorant of Dominion.]
  • 2020-06-24 #4755 The 'Election Infection' cannot stop what is coming.
  • 2020-09-16 #4722 They will: not concede on Election Night, contest this legally in battleground states, project doubt in the election results, organize massive riots. Playbook known. [Trump, not Dems, did all 4 of these things.]

Q Uninformed

  • Q never mentioned Covid/pandemic until 2020-03-23. Q spent Jan-Feb of 2020 mostly talking about impeachment, and was unusually quiet in March. The "Plandemic" obviously surprised Q, who later said it was planned in advance to disrupt Trump re-election.
  • Q never mentioned Hunter Biden until 2020-02-06.
  • Q has never mentioned Dominion or Smartmatic.
  • Q has never mentioned the 2019 Ukraine impeachment whistleblower Eric Ciaramella.
  • Q has never mentioned Miles Taylor, the the HSA chief of staff who secretly wrote in 2018 in the NY Times "I Am Part of the Resistance Inside the Trump Administration".

Q Was Not An Intelligence Insider

  • Q chose to first go public on 4chan, a site full of racism and porn.
  • Q's first 127 drops did not have any authentication (i.e. tripcode)
  • Q's first tripcode ("Matlock") was chosen very poorly.
  • Q did not understand that only the first 8 characters of a tripcode count, and instead chose longer passwords that gave no additional security.
  • Q's passwords were known by random Qtuber Coleman Rogers.
  • Q relied on easily-cracked site-specific tripcodes, instead of using off-the-shelf signing tech (e.g. PGP) that works securely and anonymously and portably.

Watkins == Q

  • Q was suddenly so concerned about 4chan being "compromised", but had no such concern about Watkins' 8chan/8kun.
  • After his problems with 4chan, Q had zero concern for establishing a method of identity verification independent of the Watkins.
  • Coleman Rogers on a livestream was able to find and recognize a Q drop that someone had to point out to him was not signed? ("Oh, Q must have forgot to sign it.")
  • Q did not post for the 3 months that 8chan was down? ("Nothing can stop what is coming" -- except the Watkins' inability to operate their site.)
  • Q was able to post on the new Watkins 8kun site when most users couldn't.


  • Watkins profits from QAnon
    • 8chan/8kun advertising
    • Goldwater news service
    • "Disarm the Deep State" PAC
  • Q never mentioned aliens, and said [#376] UFOs are a distraction

My Predictions

  • Trump will never endorse Q and will disavow if asked directly, but will troll on this topic with weak interviewers/audiences.
  • Trump will continue to claim credit for the Warp Speed vaccines, which will continue to be seen as wildly successful.
  • Q will never resume classic Q posts claiming "the plan" is still in motion. That became untenable when it was apparent in early November that Trump would be leaving office Jan 20. Aside from a couple last "Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming" drops on Nov 12, the Q operation effectively shut down on election day 2020. And after Jan. 6 and the Dominion lawsuits, the Watkins know they cannot take the legal risk of resuming the old operation.
  • Q will probably never post again on 8kun or any Watkins-controlled forum, as the Watkins do want to invite subpoenas for their hosting operations. And Q never took the obvious step of establishing an authentication identity independent of the Watkins, so Q is done.
  • Q never had any access to insider government intel, and so will never be able to use such access to re-establish his identity on some post-Watkins channel. Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming -- except Q's amateurish inability to post independently of a pig-farming porn entrepreneur like Watkins.

Q Tripcodes

Matlock  > ITPb.qbhqo
M@tlock! > UW.yye1fxo
Freed@m- > xowAT4Z3VQ
F!ghtF!g > 2jsTvXXmXs
NowC@mes > 4pRcUA0lBE
StoRMkiL > CbboFOtcZs 
WeAReQ@Q > A6yxsPKia.


  • 2021-01 Gospel According To Q - academic paper analyzing Q canon and stylometry. Includes charts of Q drops by tripcode, and Q aggregation sites.
  • Qult_Headquarters - QAnon debunking subreddit
  • 2020-12 QAnon Must Be Eliminated - screed purporting to trace the origins of Q
  • 2020-04 questions about Q OpSec and adjacency to Watkins and porn
  • 2019-06 list of failed Q predictions
  • 2019-05 Paul Furber interview - alleges Q was hijacked 2018-01-05
  • 2018-09-04 OAN Jack Posobiac interviews alleged original Q Microchip
  • 2018-08 ground-breaking NBC analysis of Q origins: Rogers, Furber, Diaz
  • 2018-08 list of failed Q predictions
  • 2018-08 anonymous patriot's critique of Q OpSec e.g. tripcodes
  • 2018-05 Tracy Diaz essay - denies Q complicity

Thursday, November 04, 2021

Do Covid-19 Vaccines Contain Luciferase?

Some anti-vax conspiracy theorists claim that the Covid-19 vaccines contain a satanic molecule called luciferase, for tracking vaccine recipients.  They claim that it is one of the vaccine ingredients that is obscured under a trade-secret rationale.

Luciferase wouldn't be an "ingredient" of the vaccine, any more than "spike protein" is an ingredient. When they test a pre-release dummy "pseudovirus" to assess its tissue distribution, they engineer the virus code to express luciferase. In such cases, luciferase isn't IN the vaccine, it's CREATED by the vaccine. (None of the anti-vaxxers I've read seem to understand this part of the biology.)

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were sequenced (by researchers from Stanford and Palo Alto VA hospital) using spare droplets from some discarded doses. The open-source sequences are online here.

If the vaccine sequences included a section coding for luciferase, surely some anti-vaxxer would have found it already. (Or, maybe none of them understand how this stuff works, and I'm about to blow the lid off this case for them.) One source suggests that the codons for luciferase are GATGAAAAGTGCTCCAAGGA. That sequence is not present in either of the vaccine sequences.

Luciferase is useless as a molecular "reporter" unless combined with a substrate molecule (typically luciferin). Light from the luciferase/luciferin reaction is detectable for a short period using sensitive scanning equipment. Coding for luciferase in the actual vaccine would only make you trackable if they later inject you with luciferin substrate and then put you under their scanner.

Thursday, September 16, 2021

UK Vaccinations vs Deaths

As the aggregate data continue to show that vaccinations are inversely correlated with deaths,  variant anti-vax theories are arising. One variant theory is that the vaccine death-jabs were already known back in January to be so non-deadly that midazolam was secretly used in United Kingdom nursing homes for mass murder of the frail elderly (whom the vaccine apparently couldn't kill).

The presence of midazolam in nursing homes has a far less sinister explanation: it is "prescribed in advance for patients who are nearing the end of life should they experience any common and unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea and vomiting associated with the dying process."

Here are the latest date-aligned data for the UK. The winter surge of deaths there peaked around the time that 10% of the population had received the death jab.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Levels of Alien Belief

A list of alien beliefs, in rough order of increasing implausibility.

And remember: "Never go full History Channel."

  1. Alien craft/effects occasionally get observed, esp. by pilots/military.
  2. Government conceals definitive evidence of alien activity on Earth.
  3. Aliens mutilate farm animals and/or create crop circles.
  4. Alien tech is hypersonic / transmedium, defying our understanding of fluid dynamics.
  5. Alien tech is hyper-G / anti-gravity, defying our understanding of gravity/momentum.
  6. Aliens have abducted humans.
  7. Government possesses alien artifacts/bodies.
  8. Government possesses working alien technology.
  9. Government has communicated with aliens on Earth.
  10. Government cooperates with aliens on Earth.
  11. Governments/media are controlled by secret global group(s) with alien awareness/tech.
  12. Aliens have significantly influenced human history.
  13. Aliens have significantly influenced human evolution.
  14. Aliens have been in conflict with each other over Earth.
  15. Aliens have created alien-human hybrids.
  16. Aliens have installed hybrids as past or present important humans.
  17. Aliens have telepathy.
  18. Aliens have shape-shifting.
  19. Aliens have teleportation or faster-than-light travel.
  20. Aliens have time travel.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Why Did We Fumble COVID-19 Therapeutics?

A variety of reasons, in roughly descending order of guestimated importance:

  • The early focus was on "flattening the curve" to preserve hospital and ventilator capacity, and so insufficient attention was paid to early-stage therapeutics.
  • Hydroxychloroquine was unsuccessfully tried as a late-stage therapeutic, and this politicized episode made the healthcare establishment afraid of an embarrassing replay.
  • Therapeutics don't appreciably reduce R0 compared to a vaccine. Treatment is super important, but curtailing exponential spread is super-duper-important.
  • Risk-averse government bureaucrats didn't think to waive the rule that Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines is only allowed if no therapeutics are available.
  • Risk-averse medical bureaucrats are indoctrinated to oppose any therapy that hasn't been proven effective, particularly in randomized control trials.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has no profit incentive to re-purpose off-patent drugs for new indications.
  • The Orange Man was promoting therapeutics, and we can't give him a win.
  • It was harder to recruit early-stage trial subjects because 1) they're not in hospital beds and 2) the pandemic ebbed in summer.