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Thursday, September 16, 2021

UK Vaccinations vs Deaths

As the aggregate data continue to show that vaccinations are inversely correlated with deaths,  variant anti-vax theories are arising. One variant theory is that the vaccine death-jabs were already known back in January to be so non-deadly that midazolam was secretly used in United Kingdom nursing homes for mass murder of the frail elderly (whom the vaccine apparently couldn't kill).

The presence of midazolam in nursing homes has a far less sinister explanation: it is "prescribed in advance for patients who are nearing the end of life should they experience any common and unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety, pain, nausea and vomiting associated with the dying process."

Here are the latest date-aligned data for the UK. The winter surge of deaths there peaked around the time that 10% of the population had received the death jab.

Monday, July 05, 2021

Levels of Alien Belief

A list of alien beliefs, in rough order of increasing implausibility.

And remember: "Never go full History Channel."

  1. Alien craft/effects occasionally get observed, esp. by pilots/military.
  2. Government conceals definitive evidence of alien activity on Earth.
  3. Aliens mutilate farm animals and/or create crop circles.
  4. Alien tech is hypersonic / transmedium, defying our understanding of fluid dynamics.
  5. Alien tech is hyper-G / anti-gravity, defying our understanding of gravity/momentum.
  6. Aliens have abducted humans.
  7. Government possesses alien artifacts/bodies.
  8. Government possesses working alien technology.
  9. Government has communicated with aliens on Earth.
  10. Government cooperates with aliens on Earth.
  11. Governments/media are controlled by secret global group(s) with alien awareness/tech.
  12. Aliens have significantly influenced human history.
  13. Aliens have significantly influenced human evolution.
  14. Aliens have been in conflict with each other over Earth.
  15. Aliens have created alien-human hybrids.
  16. Aliens have installed hybrids as past or present important humans.
  17. Aliens have telepathy.
  18. Aliens have shape-shifting.
  19. Aliens have teleportation or faster-than-light travel.
  20. Aliens have time travel.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

Why Did We Fumble COVID-19 Therapeutics?

A variety of reasons, in roughly descending order of guestimated importance:

  • The early focus was on "flattening the curve" to preserve hospital and ventilator capacity, and so insufficient attention was paid to early-stage therapeutics.
  • Hydroxychloroquine was unsuccessfully tried as a late-stage therapeutic, and this politicized episode made the healthcare establishment afraid of an embarrassing replay.
  • Therapeutics don't appreciably reduce R0 compared to a vaccine. Treatment is super important, but curtailing exponential spread is super-duper-important.
  • Risk-averse government bureaucrats didn't think to waive the rule that Emergency Use Authorization for vaccines is only allowed if no therapeutics are available.
  • Risk-averse medical bureaucrats are indoctrinated to oppose any therapy that hasn't been proven effective, particularly in randomized control trials.
  • The pharmaceutical industry has no profit incentive to re-purpose off-patent drugs for new indications.
  • The Orange Man was promoting therapeutics, and we can't give him a win.
  • It was harder to recruit early-stage trial subjects because 1) they're not in hospital beds and 2) the pandemic ebbed in summer.

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

COVID-19 Heterogeneity

A list of possible factors for why COVID-19 has affected different regions differently, in decreasing order of my guestimated importance. 

Beware the political agenda of anybody selling a monocausal theory.

  • geographic/travel connectivity, incl. travel bans
  • vaccination curve
  • efficacy of vaccine(s) used
  • population age structure
  • lockdown policies
  • population density
  • hemisphere (summer vs. winter)
  • co-morbidities: obesity, heart disease, hypertension, smoking, asthma, diabetes/kidney, sickle cell, cancer
  • mask polices
  • vaccine demographic targeting
  • elderly clustering e.g. nursing homes vs. multi-generational domiciles
  • super-spreader opportunities
  • under-/over-reporting of COVID-19 deaths
  • domicile ventilation
  • air conditioning
  • temperature
  • humidity
  • ultraviolet incidence
  • prior culture of mask use
  • advanced contact tracing
  • cultural acceptance of lockdowns
  • compliance culture (e.g. Italians racing to trains against lockdown deadlines)
  • use of mass transit
  • prior experience with SARS/MERS
  • greeting culture: kiss, handshake, bow
  • nursing home return policy
  • South Asian Neanderthal haplotype (Zeberg, Paabo 2020) makes hospitalization 2X likely
  • chromosome 12 Neanderthal haplotype (vs RNA viruses, 2021) makes hospitalization 22% less likely
  • blood type?
  • vitamin D use?
  • anti-parasite Ivermectin use?
  • anti-malaria hydroxychloroquine use?