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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Paul Ireland: Your Voice on the California LP ExCom

A year ago, Paul Ireland asked California LP members for the "honor and privilege to serve" them on the LPC Executive Committee. Mr. Ireland was tasked with many assignments this year, and has left his mark on the party. Any LPC task force would be lucky to get Mr. Ireland to work for them. His work greatly impacts the party, and his worth to the LPC defies measurement. His full capabilities have only been recently discovered, and one can not say enough good things about him. The quality of his work is well known, and his usefulness to the LPC is self-evident. Many in the LPC wonder at the extent of his knowledge. Always willing to take risks, Mr. Ireland has built a record that sets him apart from his peers. Many in the LPC point to him as an example, and his performance demonstrates the importance of electing competent leaders. The possibility of electing more party leaders like Mr. Ireland should be discussed immediately. He shows potential for unbounded improvement, and there is no doubt what future role he should play in the LPC's leadership.   Appended below are some of the statements Mr. Ireland has made over the last year, along with the names of some of the LPC officers and candidates who have criticized him. If Mr. Ireland's statements speak for you, then please vote to re-elect him this weekend, and consider voting against those who have criticized him:
  • 2005-09-29  Mark Stroberg, co-founder LPC Peace Caucus
  • 2005-09-29  Ted Brown, LPC Executive Committee Member
  • 2005-09-29  Allen Hacker, LPC Executive Committe Member
  • 2005-10-01  Joe Cobb, past Chair, Orange County LP
  • 2005-10-01  Lawrence Samuels, Northern California Vice-Chair
  • 2005-10-01  Mark Selzer, Southern California Vice-Chair
  • 2006-01-01  Pam Brown, PhD, State Senate District 20 candidate
  • 2006-01-31  Stephen Cicero, Secretary, San Diego LP
  • 2006-02-07  Brian Cross, past Chair, Orange County LP
  • 2006-02-12  Jay Eckl, co-founder LPC Peace Caucus
  • 2006-02-17  Geof Gibson, State Assembly District 78 candidate
  • 2006-02-18  Bud Raymond, State Senate District 26 candidate
Statements by Paul Ireland:  
  • 2005-02-11 on the Libertarian Yahoo Group: "I don't care if Saddam Hussein personally murdered 100 million men, raped their wives, boiled their children in oil and ate them on live television. What happens in their country is a matter for their people to deal with and not ours.  I don't care if Iraq invaded Kuwait and every other nation in the entire middle-east [...]"    
  • 2005-02-12 on the Libertarian Yahoo Group: "I know more about the U.S. Constitution than most Supreme Court Justices."   
  • 2005-08-09 on LPCalPeace to fellow LPC ExCom member Allen Hacker: "Grow a spine Allen.  Stop being a little coward."    
  • 2005-09-24  on the Libertarian Yahoo Group to fellow LPC ExCom member Bruce Cohen: "you're a sleazy, slimey, worthless, scumbag who is worth less than a ton of dead rats in a tampon factory"    
  • 2005-09-29 on LPCalPeace about LPC Chairman Aaron Starr: "I've been watching the television news talking about the fires up in the Calabasas area, and as much as I hate to see people suffer, the thought of Aaron Star burning to death in a fire or losing everything he owns warms the cockles of my heart.  I only wish a few of his pals would go there to try to save him and suffer the same fate."    
  • 2005-09-29 on LPCalPeace about seven fellow members of the LPC ExCom: "I freely and happily wish death on those who are the enemies of freedom and especially those who have made themselves into my enemy.  Here are just a few of the people the world would be much better without... [...] Bruce Cohen, Aaron Star, Sandor Woren, Brian Holtz, Art Tuma, Kevin Takenaga, Mark Johnson, M Carling, Allen Hacker, Willard Michlin"    
  • 2005-09-29 on LPCalPeace: "Sorry if you find it distasteful, or rude, but these are my feelings. If anyone on that list suddenly died, I wouldn't shed a tear.  In fact for some, I'd be compelled to throw a party."  
  • 2005-10-01 on LPCalPeace about fellow LPC ExCom member M Carling: "He's our very own little Napoleon."     
  • 2005-10-17 on the Libertarian Yahoo Group: "That's great news.  I only hope we can get more non-libertarians to leave the party.  I only wish [Nancy Lord] had taken Bruce Cohen, Derek Jenson, Brian Holtz, Aaron Star, Sandor Woren, Brian Holtz [sic], Art Tuma, Kevin Takenaga, Mark Johnson, M Carling, Allen Rice, Bob Giramma, and Dan Wiener with her."   
  • 2006-01-31 on LPCalPeace to LPC Platform Committee member Brian Holtz: "You're a dishonest little weasel caught up in his own pseudo-intellectual self-absorbed nonsense. [...] You are my intellectual inferior and always will be. [...] You've made yourself look like even more of a fool. [...] You're not worthy of any response from me at all, but I do it only to show everyone what a moron you really are."   
  • 2006-01-31 on Minarchists: "Nothing inside the body of a person has any rights.  Not even if it were a fully sentient being capable of communication begging to be allowed to live. [...] Until the moment the fetus is removed from the womb, it is has no more human rights than a brick."    
  • 2006-02-14 on LPCalPeace to fellow LPC ExCom member Allan Hacker: "It's a shame that you're too fucking stupid to get it, but that doesn't change the fact that it's true."   
  • 2006-02-17 on LPCalPeace to fellow LPC ExCom member Bruce Cohen: "You are a shifty, two-faced, untrustworthy, back stabbing, con artist without an ounce of credibility.  You are beneath me in every possible way."

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