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Sunday, July 30, 2006

You Don't Have To Be Faster Than The Bear

We need to be officially inclusive of the various kinds of principled libertarianism, but more as a way of unifying our activists and less as a way of marketing to the 16% and 20% of Americans that polls show favor increased economic and personal liberty. I suspect capturing that market share would be more about making basic comparisons of our offering versus our opponents', as opposed to convincing people to join us by arguing just from first principles in a competitive vacuum -- no matter how ecumenical we are.

Remember -- to get people to vote our way, we only have to convince them we're not as stupid as the Democrats and not as evil as the Republicans and not as silly as the Greens and not as self-disenfranchising as NOTA. How hard can that be?

(I was going to say "not as bad as the Republocrats", but we have to be careful to distinguish them. While both major parties are horribly bad in terms of rent-seeking and pandering, there are real and principled differences between Left and Right, and combining the best of both is still our best sales pitch.)

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