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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Flames Of Freedom: cash awards for LPCA outreach efforts

Outreach to non-libertarians has its own rewards, but the Flames of Freedom initiative is now sweetening the deal. Each calendar quarter, we will add up the outreach points scored that quarter and award
  • $100 to 1st place
  • $50 to 2nd place
  • $50 to each of two others chosen by random chance weighted by their score that quarter
Full details are at All you really need to remember is this:
To increase your odds, check out the Flames of Freedom point values for various kinds of outreach, and also this activist's toolbox for contacting your local media and your elected representatives, investigating their campaign finances and voting records, monitoring legislation in Sacramento and D.C., etc.

To get things off to a running start, I've been monitoring LPCA forums this quarter to build a (presumably incomplete) table of outreach efforts I've noticed. The current leader board is below. (To encourage a broad base of activists, ExCom members and elected officials are ranked but are ineligible for the prizes.) If you know of outreach efforts that aren't yet in the table, feel free to add them yourself or just send me the details.

Name Points ^ Eligible for Prizes
Rider, Richard 330 Y
Starchild 230 Y
Applegate, Boyd 200 Y
Griffiths, Travis 200 Y
Harrison, Harland 200 Y
Knittel, Anthony 200 Y
Newell, Richard 200 N
Orlando, Donna 200 Y
Samuels, Lawrence 200 N
Baehr, Dan 200 Y
Takenaga, Kevin 200 N
Thomas, Jesse 200 N
Benoit, Michael 200 Y
Campbell, T.J. 200 Y
Graham, David 200 Y
Holtz, Brian 60 N
Westwell, Norm 50 N
Getty, Ron 50 Y
Edelstein, Michael 15 Y
Power, Rob 10 Y
Berg, Philip 10 Y
Brierly, Elizabeth 10 Y

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