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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Libertarian Safety Net

Geolibertarianism includes an excellent solution here. Geolibertarianism points out that in the state of nature there is always marginal but productive land available for use, and that observation of the Lockean proviso (leaving "as much and as good") should have ensured that this remained the case. To the extent that it is no longer the case, excluding people from access to the natural productive opportunities on what used to be the commons is unjust. Therefore, the "ground rent" of land should be considered part of the commons, with each individual having an equal claim on it. Technically, ground rent is is the excess production obtained by using a site in its most productive use, compared to the production obtained by applying equivalent inputs of labor and capital at the most productive site where the application doesn't require (additional) payments for use of the site. In other words, ground rent is the advantage you get from exclusive use of a site compared to the most productive available site that is not in use.
In practice, this could be implemented with a land value tax that funds a citizen's dividend. My site gives more references, and my draft EcoLibertarian manifesto is an attempt to use geolibertarianism to find common ground (literally) between greens and libertarians. It can be summarized as:
Outlaw only fraud and force initiation. Tax only land rent and polluting/ congesting/ consuming the commons. Provide only network natural monopolies and protection of life and liberty. Do it all decentrally, democratically, with due process and never discrimination.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Tax 100% of Land values and distribute 100% of the revenue to every man, woman and child equally. This gives everyone Equal and Free access to the average piece of Land. Implement a fair tax on all new goods. Use this tax to pay for needed infrastructure. Also use this tax to encourage (decrease tax) or discourage (increase tax) the use of certain resources. Taxing new goods increases the recycling/reuse of goods as well as increasing the quality and longevity of goods. Introduce a quasi-fixed or commodity monetary standard to stabilize the money system. Increase longevity by adopting progressive/preventative health measures such as encouraging the consumption of local, fresh, organic produce by overtaxing processed foods.

My dad always taught us the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. The True answers are always found in simplicity - Ockham's Razor.

Peace friend,


Unknown said...

This is so far from libertarian I want to barf.... I'm sorry, but you are just talking about taxes to control people and problems... That's using MONEY to control FREEDOM.. If something like this utopia could be set up without abuse, without corruption, without worse problems associated with it than what we already have, then by all means. Socialism works in theory, it does not work in reality.

Brian Holtz said...

Taxing aggression is as libertarian as it gets.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting, particularly when you consider getting rid of sales and income taxes, and their drag on the economy.