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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

3-yr-old To Obama: Give Me Back My Future

2004 version was this:

Latest Data
National Center For Policy Analysis, 2009-06 (present value of infinite horizon)
  • $17.5T - Social Security
  • $36.7T - Medicare Part A
  • $37.0T - Medicare Part B
  • $15.6T - Medicare Part D (Bush's prescription drug benefit)
Concord Coaltion Facing Facts 2009-08 (present value of 75-year horizon)
  • $7.7T - Social Security
  • $13.8T - Medicare A (hospital stays)
  • $24.4T - Medicare B+D (medical + drugs)

Public Pension Promises: How Big are They and What are They Worth?
  • $3.2T - state and local pensions
Statistical Abstract of the U.S.
2008 Financial Report of the United States Government
  • $5.3T -  federal civilian and military retiree benefits
Obligation of each of America's 307M people:
  • $25,000 - Social Security
  • $45,000 - Medicare A (hospital stays)
  • $79,000 - Medicare B+D (medical + drugs)
  • $10,00 - state and local pensions
  • $4,000 - state and local debt
  • $17,000 - federal retiree benefits
  • $38,000 - Federal debt
  • $218,000 - TOTAL


Andrew said...

The money was already lost under Bush&Co. It's just being accounted for now.

Brian Holtz said...

The losses were earlier, but they are being socialized now. They needn't be, and shouldn't be.

At any rate, the unfunded liabilities are still mostly entitlements. Bush added to them with Medicare's prescription drug benefit, but at least he tried to reduce them by bringing ownership to Social Security.