Study their behaviors. Observe their territorial boundaries. Leave their habitat as you found it. Report any signs of intelligence.

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Monday, July 05, 2021

Levels of Alien Belief

A list of alien beliefs, in rough order of increasing implausibility.

And remember: "Never go full History Channel."

  1. Alien craft/effects occasionally get observed, esp. by pilots/military.
  2. Government conceals definitive evidence of alien activity on Earth.
  3. Aliens mutilate farm animals and/or create crop circles.
  4. Alien tech is hypersonic / transmedium, defying our understanding of fluid dynamics.
  5. Alien tech is hyper-G / anti-gravity, defying our understanding of gravity/momentum.
  6. Aliens have abducted humans.
  7. Government possesses alien artifacts/bodies.
  8. Government possesses working alien technology.
  9. Government has communicated with aliens on Earth.
  10. Government cooperates with aliens on Earth.
  11. Governments/media are controlled by secret global group(s) with alien awareness/tech.
  12. Aliens have significantly influenced human history.
  13. Aliens have significantly influenced human evolution.
  14. Aliens have been in conflict with each other over Earth.
  15. Aliens have created alien-human hybrids.
  16. Aliens have installed hybrids as past or present important humans.
  17. Aliens have telepathy.
  18. Aliens have shape-shifting.
  19. Aliens have teleportation or faster-than-light travel.
  20. Aliens have time travel.

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