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Thursday, November 04, 2021

Do Covid-19 Vaccines Contain Luciferase?

Some anti-vax conspiracy theorists claim that the Covid-19 vaccines contain a satanic molecule called luciferase, for tracking vaccine recipients.  They claim that it is one of the vaccine ingredients that is obscured under a trade-secret rationale.

Luciferase wouldn't be an "ingredient" of the vaccine, any more than "spike protein" is an ingredient. When they test a pre-release dummy "pseudovirus" to assess its tissue distribution, they engineer the virus code to express luciferase. In such cases, luciferase isn't IN the vaccine, it's CREATED by the vaccine. (None of the anti-vaxxers I've read seem to understand this part of the biology.)

The Moderna and Pfizer vaccines were sequenced (by researchers from Stanford and Palo Alto VA hospital) using spare droplets from some discarded doses. The open-source sequences are online here.

If the vaccine sequences included a section coding for luciferase, surely some anti-vaxxer would have found it already. (Or, maybe none of them understand how this stuff works, and I'm about to blow the lid off this case for them.) One source suggests that the codons for luciferase are GATGAAAAGTGCTCCAAGGA. That sequence is not present in either of the vaccine sequences.

Luciferase is useless as a molecular "reporter" unless combined with a substrate molecule (typically luciferin). Light from the luciferase/luciferin reaction is detectable for a short period using sensitive scanning equipment. Coding for luciferase in the actual vaccine would only make you trackable if they later inject you with luciferin substrate and then put you under their scanner.

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