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Friday, April 20, 2007

Brian Holtz For LPCA ExCom

  • Purpose: Unite voters who want more liberty behind the electoral choices that will most move public policy in a libertarian direction
  • Strategy: Make LPCA a scalable/viral voter-outreach machine as we attack institutional/legal barriers to 3rd-party influence
  • Tactic: Build email contact DB of members & RegLibs; motivate their use of LPCA-provided self-service Internet outreach tools
  • Theme: Avoid overreach, work smart not hard
  • Issues: School choice; environment; tax revolt; medical marijuana; civil unions
Some Possible Reasons To Vote For Me Some Possible Reasons Not To Vote For Me
Clear strategic and tactical priorities

My priorities might not be yours
Willing to finance important LPCA projects
Won't raise funds from anyone but himself
Communicative and transparent
Too damn communicative and transparent
You think the LP and LPCA are (or were) doing just fine
Technologically savvy
Silicon Valley nerd
Independent Not aligned with your faction
Intellectually principled economics-oriented minarchist
Not an anarchist, thus an unprincipled socialist
Intellectually rigorous
Always tries to get the last word
You've found a fresh perspective in something I've written
You've disagreed with something I've written
Advocates big tent on abortion, immigration, libervention
Advocates big tent on abortion, immigration, libervention
Won't back down from public threats of being "beaten to a bloody pulp"
Scared shitless of being satired on Angela Keaton's Liberated Space
Makes lists of reasons not to vote for him
Makes lists of reasons not to vote for him

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