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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Questions For LPCA Internal Candidates

All five LPCA offices (President, two Vice-Chairs, Secretary, & Treasurer) are apparently not running for re-election this weekend, and 8 of 12 Executive Committee seats (including 2 alternates) are up for re-election. However, as of four days before the convention, there doesn't seem to have been any public announcement of any candidacies. Here are some questions that candidates should consider answering.

Purpose & General Strategy
  • Purpose - What do you see as the primary purpose(s) of the LPCA? [cf. Bylaw 2]
  • Biggest strategic or tactical opportunity - What is ours?
  • Tactical overreach - How can we ensure our goals are reachable and measurable?
Electoral Strategy
  • Operation Breakthrough - Should we try it again? [cf. ExCom minutes item 7]
  • Ballot status - What if anything needs to be done to maintain it?
  • Federal races & BCRA - What are the risks, and how should we manage them?
  • Candidate support - What specifically should the LPCA provide?
  • (Un)winnable races - Should the LPCA focus its resources on the bottom of the ticket or the top?
  • Ballot initiatives - How do they fit into our strategy?
  • Coalitions - How (if at all) should we work with other groups and other parties?
  • Legislative Program - What should be our primary issues, and how should we promote them? [cf. LPCA Program] What technical changes (e.g. to election law) should we ask friendly legislators for?
  • Litigation Strategy - What lawsuits should we join, file, or worry about being filed? [cf. Prop 60]
  • Dues & Revenue Sharing - What's the right model? [cf. Bylaw 7, ExCom minutes item 6 & pp. 7-9 ]
  • Database - How should the problems with the database be fixed? [cf. ExCom minutes p. 6]
  • County support - What specifically should the LPCA provide?
  • Fundraising - What should be the fundraising expectations for LPCA officers?
  • Bylaws - Which of the proposed changes do you support, and why? What other changes are needed?
  • Conventions - What should be the model for granting convention rights?
  • Executive Director - What are your thoughts about this job? [cf. ExCom minutes p. 6-7]
  • Transparency - How will you keep members involved and informed?
  • Divisiveness - How will you help to minimize it?
  • Members - How should we recruit and retain them?
  • Reglibs - How should we recruit and retain them? How important are they compared to members?
  • Youth - How should we appeal to them?
  • Newsletter - What should be its role, schedule, and distribution? How can it be improved?
  • Communication - How much can we replace paper/mail/phone with Internet technology?
  • Website - In what ways could it be improved?
  • Traditional Media - In what ways could our current strategy be improved? [cf. Libertarian Perspective, Press Releases]
  • New Media - How should we use it?

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