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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Knowing Humans 2.0

This is my last Knowing Humans posting on Yahoo 360 and my first posting on Knowing Humans 2.0, hosted by through Subscribe there now.

With the public announcement of Mosh and Yahoo's embarrassing lack of blog search capability, I can no longer use laziness and company loyalty as an excuse for not migrating off of 360. (When Personals was re-org'd into the Search subdivision a couple years ago, I asked when Yahoo was going to have solutions for searching blogs and our own intranet. We still lack good answers for either.) I've recently resolved to do more of my online political activism through blogs and wikis and less through email-based forums, and so this week I started looking for an alternative to 360.

I picked because it met my minimal requirements in being totally free and able to 1) backup my blog, 2) manually import and back-date my 360 postings, and 3) operate through my own domain. I've imported my 360 postings of the last year and soon will all 200 of them up. I've also set my SiteMeter count of the new blog based on the 151K pageviews currently registered on the 360 blog. (Its technorati rank was 2,124,856, oddly up 400K from 2.5M in September despite relative quiescence. The rank of was 2.9M, as it was just a page of links to my 360 posts.)

I've indulged this week in customizing my template, adding features such as:
  • The title area is centered over an up-to-date image of the current shading of the Earth, and adjusts nicely on window resizings.
  • A table of contents hack borrowed from Beautiful Beta.
  • A borrowed hack to suppress the Blogger nav bar.
  • My blogroll imported from Bloglines.
  • My recent bookmarks imported from Yahoo My Web.
  • My recent email correspondence imported from my Yahoo Group.
Next I want to add better search facility to replace the one that was in the nav bar. I also want to try out the AdSense integration, if only to see what sort of ads Google would place here. I have no financial need to try to monetize my blog, so the only ads I foresee posting here are for causes I endorse. In fact, I have a scheme in mind to de-monetize my blog by giving money to other bloggers. More about that later. :-)

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Mike Laursen said...

I'm looking forward to following your new blog.