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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An LPCA Contract With California?

My top choice would be for all of our candidates to call on Sacramento to join the nine other states that have already endorsed the Liberty Amendment, and for California's members of Congress to support it as introduced by Ron Paul in 2003 as HJR 15. The Liberty Amendment would require the federal government to eliminate in 3 years 1) all activities not expressly authorized by the Constitution and 2) all federal taxes on personal incomes, estates, and gifts. David Nolan and Harry Browne both worked for the Liberty Amendment Committee before Nolan founded the LP, and the LAC mailing list was one of the seed lists Nolan used to boostrap the LP. Making the Liberty Amendment our top priority with totally align us with the Ron Paul Revolution.

The other issues that I would put on an LPCA Contract With California would be (in rough priority):
  • tax credits or vouchers for school choice
  • replacing environmental regulatory bureaucracy with green pricing and congestion pricing
  • gay marriage rights
  • medical marijuana
  • fully legalize buying health insurance from out-of-state carriers (cf. SB 365, which "could represent a de facto repeal of all benefit mandate laws, as well as all other health insurance requirements in California). (I'd put healthcare higher, but Sacramento can only do so much for our federally socialized healthcare industry.)
Our existing LPCA Program is good, but with 17 high-level initiatives and even more sub-initiatives, it's too detailed for this purpose. For more prior art on LP campaign programs and an analysis of top-N-issue polling data, see For my recommended LPUS campaign program, see

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