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Thursday, March 11, 2021

Hellyer Reports On The Galactic Federation

I'm researching the alleged and expected impact of aliens on human science and technology. New York Magazine cited Paul Hellyer as an author claiming there has been such impact. Hellyer was Canada's Minister of Defense in the mid-1960s, but apparently that did not get him read into the secrets about alien contact with Earth. He did not learn about it until 2005, when he read The Day After Roswell -- as he says 14m into this YouTube interview. There he also says:

  • 20m An unnamed general told him there have been face-to-face meetings between government officials and aliens.
  • 22m The most convincing book on UFOs is "Undisclosed" (he means Unacknowledged) by Steven Greer. [Film version debunked.]
  • 24m The most convincing UFO sighting is 1980 Rendlesham Forest. [Debunked.]
  • 28m A military witness saw an alien who had been shot for landing on a base without authority.
  • 31m Bilderbergers control the mainstream English media, and "pay big-time" to suppress UFOs.
  • 33m After a 1963 UFO "armada" over Europe, a 3-year NATO study that concluded that 4 alien species have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. [NATO response.]
  • 34m The Bush administration had weeks of foreknowledge of 9/11. [My 9/11 posts.]
  • 41m The Cabal controls media coverage of UFOs.
  • 44m Aliens have for thousands of years been interested in Earth resources e.g. gold.
  • 45m Aliens are concerned about Earth nuclear weapons because "the wavelengths that are set off by an atomic weapon just keep going right out into the cosmos and consequently are of real and direct interest to other sentient beings all over the cosmos".
  • 47m Post-WW2 Nazi scientists worked on "missiles, atomic weapons, and anti-gravity machines like flying saucers, and became a very import part of the Cabal" and are responsible for the government policy of perpetual war.
  • 59m The Cabal is ready for a false flag allowing them to finish world conquest: "a fleet of airships capable of going around the world and attacking cities just as if they were coming from outside the Earth, with the end of the taking over the world".
  • 60m The U.S. signed agreements with 2 alien species allowing abductions in exchanges for alien technology, but the aliens didn't hand over abductee lists as agreed.
  • 61m The U.S. created alien clones to conduct false-flag abductions by the government's fake aliens.
  • 62m Aliens could have taken over Earth at any time.
  • 64m Humans were created to love each other and take care of each other. Our species is an experiment.
  • 65m Eisenhower turned down an alien offer of peace and prosperity.
  • 68m The alien "galactic federation" is worried about Earth, but won't interfere.
  • 68m Hellyer has a close friend who receives mental communications from an alien species called "Positas" [spelling from YouTube auto subtitles].
  • 69m Aliens say: Earth is one of the best planets in the universe.
  • 70m Aliens say: stop using clear-cutting, fracking, and fossil fuels. Use zero-point energy instead.
  • 75m Upon hearing that someone named Joe Rogan criticized him, Hellyer said this Rogan must be part of the Cabal's disinformation plan, and perhaps is paid for it.
Lots of juicy stuff here, but alas, no interesting claims about alien influence on science and technology. The search for such influence continues.

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